Kingdom Sound

About us

“Suppliers of joyful, sensual, enjoyable rhythms and a welcoming atmosphere.”

That’s how Kingdomsound describes themselves as DJs. Having grown up in a multicultural environment in the South-east of Amsterdam, BVNDØ, Boatism and Euge Louisa were exposed to various music genres like soul, dancehall, highlife, hiplife, reggae, hiphop, r&b, afrobeat(s) and soulful house. Kingdomsound ended up with a diverse spectrum of musical influence, which they enjoy. Now, this translates into sets where they infuse all the pieces of the music they love the best.

Though they love playing in nightclubs and other events, they are more than a DJ collective as their love went beyond mixing tunes. BVNDO and Euge Louisa are producers, and Boatism is a singer and songwriter. 

For Kingdomsound, it’s all about getting lost in music, creating a feel-good mood, and playing those tracks that get your body moving while not focussing on the genre, style, rhythm, tempo or era.